Story behind bongomassage

Hello everyone I am Johari the co-founder of Bongomassage. At first  i was working at a massage salon. I was loved by many customers, I believe i was providing good service that’s why customers liked me, One of the customers advised to open a website. At first i didn’t really understand what was that about related to what i was doing. He gave me some good reasons about it and asked me to make an association with my co workers friend. I did as what i was advised; Later on i found most of my customers liked the idea of doing the mobile massage at their homes and hotel places of residence. After sometime i found that business was booming everyday so many calls from my known customers afterwards from the unknown customers. People were sharing my website on whatsapp groups and other social media platforms. I realised it was a good business. It was really wonderful till i decided to quit my job at the massage salon that i was working before.

Afterwards i started receiving phone calls from d…